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Year() In this section we will describe use of above functions in detail By Default Sql Server use YYYY-MM-DD Format for date type data.The Views Date Format SQL module allows to format date fields using SQL.

*/ — To include the entire day of 2004-03-15 use the following two solutions — Results: 2014-01-23 .793 2014-01-23 .000 /******* VALID DATE RANGES FOR DATE/DATETIME DATA TYPES SMALLDATETIME date range: January 1, 1900 through June 6, 2079 DATETIME date range: January 1, 1753 through December 31, 9999 DATETIME2 date range (SQL Server 2008): January 1,1 AD through December 31, 9999 AD DATE date range (SQL Server 2008): January 1, 1 AD through December 31, 9999 AD *******/ — Selecting with CONVERT into different styles — Note: Only Japan & ISO styles can be used in ORDER BY GO /* First results Datetime Col Date Col 2014-12-25 .373 20141225 */ /* Second results: Datetime Col Date Col 2014-12-25 .000 20141225 */ /* Third results: Datetime Col Date Col 2014-12-26 .000 20141225 */ ———— — SQL month sequence – SQL date sequence generation with table variable — SQL Server cast string to datetime – SQL Server cast datetime to string — SQL Server insert default values method GO /* Partial results: Month Sequence Jan 1 2012 AM Feb 1 2012 AM Mar 1 2012 AM Apr 1 2012 AM */ ———— ———— — SQL Server Server datetime internal storage — SQL Server datetime formats ———— — SQL Server datetime to hex GO /* Results Table definition for the Employee table Note: Birth Date is string date (only) CREATE TABLE dbo.

This enables group aggregation for date fields using the choosen granularity.

The core functionality is to remove the date formatting from render() and put it in query(). format date values using SQL's DATE_FORMAT rather than PHP's format_date.

I am trying to pull the tabular data over into my Arc GIS Desktop Project so that I can do a join with the permit boundary information based on permit numbers.

One of my fields in the SQL Server database is called "Date Issued" and it is of SQL datatype "date" rather than "datetime".

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