Separated and divorced catholic dating

So apparently you all like talking about annulment. Most single Catholics — at least those of us "of a certain age" — deal with the subject either directly or indirectly in our dating lives.

I have received more mail on this topic than I have any other subject since I started writing for .

But then again, to engage in sexually intimate behavior with someone who isn't presumed to be married would be fornication. But does "dating" someone who is presumed to be married constitute adultery? It's a sin against the spouse who is being deceived. I don't know if it's technically sinful, but I do know that it's disrespectful of the process, and it could be setting two people up for enormous disappointment if the tribunal doesn't grant the annulment.

The situation changes slightly when a couple is publicly separated and legally divorced. I think engaging in dating-type romantic affection — kissing, "making out", whatever you want to call it — is probably inappropriate for the unannulled as well. You can control your thoughts, so just as you shouldn't be fantasizing sexually (about anybody you aren't married to, really), you probably shouldn't be fantasizing about the big wonderful wedding you're going to have once that pesky annulment is out of the way. Some applicants, over the course of the process, can see that in their individual case the annulment is extremely likely to be granted.

I say "presumed" because, until the investigation is over and the tribunal has ruled, no one can say that for sure. Clearly there was no marriage." Maybe there wasn't, but that's not our call to make. It's defined differently among different people at different times.

The tribunal may find that no sacramental marriage ever existed. And it's difficult for the Church to be clear about something that isn't clearly defined. To engage in sexually intimate behavior with someone who is presumed to be married would be presumed to be adultery. Is going out to lunch with someone adulterous behavior? Obviously it's not the meal, or the act of sharing that meal, that's adulterous. If these two people are sneaking around behind a spouse's back, if they're being deceptive, if they're violating the intimacy that spouse has the right to expect, then they are behaving in an adulterous way. I think planning or moving toward marriage while one partner remains "unannulled" is unwise.

They reflect in a real way the image of the crucified Christ, and in ministering to each of them, we minister to Jesus Christ.

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