Jewish dating orange county california

Louis and the Jewish guy who was practically Korean because he'd taught English in Seoul and knew his way around the best barbecue joints in L. And there were a handful of examples in popular culture, namely Connie Chung and Maury Povich, but I didn't personally relate to any of them.

I just wanted to talk to someone, anyone, who had my exact type of background.

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Sefardic/Modern Orthodox community in the heart of Silicon Valley.I’m the director of the Jewish Teen Initiative (JTI) with Federation.Geoff completed Federation’s Emerging Leadership Program and is currently on the advisory board of the JCC and also serves as the JCC’s Maccabi Committee Chair.Three conferences later, Geoff threw out an idea that would change everything..asked me to come to Tennessee to meet his family. ”I went back to Orange County with my future on my mind. We went to Israel together and bought our ketubah on the streets of Jerusalem.I agreed, but when I arrived, Geoff had set up a meeting between me and the executive director of the Memphis JCC. Geoff was ecstatic; however, I remember saying, “Are you kidding me?!? I literally met my husband, got married, became pregnant and gave birth to two beautiful daughters, all within the two years of the fellowship that introduced us.

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