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We’ll start it off for you with the following comprehensive Guide to Valentines Day in Honolulu.

First, don’t forget the exotic orchid lei as a Valentines Day flower gift for your lover.

If you want to have a romantic Valentine’s Day, there is no better place to spend it than in a tropical paradise like Honolulu, Hawaii.

Valentines Day activities in Honolulu are easy to come by since the beach city itself is so close to Eden; from night swimming to romantic hotel packages and dinners, to the exotic Valentines Day flower bouquets, there’s so much to do here.

Every couple needs quality time together and sharing a memorable dream date escape exploring the “Gathering Place” of Oʻahu is sure to impress.

The adventurous couple has a lot to choose from when it comes to traversing Hawaiʻi’s third largest island.

Chef/owners Michelle Karr-Ueoka and Wade Ueoka—a cozy couple themselves—have created the special menu, complete with wine pairings, for each per person.

Whether you are visiting the islands or a year-round resident, you already find yourself in one of the most romantic places on earth.These panoramic views of Kailua will whisk you and your love to a whole new level of amazement and wonder.Then stop in for breakfast at one of the many Kailua breakfast spots (Cinnamon’s, Moke’s, Boots & Kimo’s or newly opened Over Easy). Do a little whale watching en route as the drive through paradise from the Windward side to Oʻahu’s northern tip is abundant with scenic stops, history and culture.So how are you expected to come up with something even sexier and romantic than already being here in Hawaii? This year, you don’t have to worry because we’ve already come up with a few exciting, romance-filled Valentine’s Day date ideas that are guaranteed to sweep your partner off their feet.Oahu Scuba Diving – Love Under the Waves Our first idea is to whisk your loved one away from Honolulu’s busy streets and crowded beaches and take them where you can be entirely alone … Scuba diving with your partner is a thrilling adventure that is sure to get them in the mood for love.

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