24 year old dating 12

are you insane or just stupid to ask such a question i know some girls look older these days but does anyone think about the mind of a 12 year old .

The scenario in real life seems un real, but i believe that is can be possible. I think life is about love, happiness, and freedom. Can you tell me that i COULD be possible for a twelve year old to love? And maybe your God won't but this is a "what if" scenario.Since there's nothing illegal in what he's doing, it's doubtful that there's anything his employer would do.We might think it's immoral, but it's still not illegal.You never know, they can fall in love and get married one day. What could an 18 year old and a 12 year old possibly have in common?The law says that at 18 you are an adult in all states but there is no law anywhere that says that a 12 year is an adult I believe that if an adult can for any reason look at a child an get turned on they need to be shot sick perverts that would look at a child and be able to get turned on is 1 reason our young children's minds are so screwed up today is who ever started this topic is really sick maybe the 18 year old said yes when the child said will you be my boy or girl friend.

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